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Mexican Ground Squirrel

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Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

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Red-Tailed Squirrel
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  1. Very concern--I have a 14 months squirrel who has lost her appertite and has lost a lot of her weight. Every since a few weeks ago, I had her on our deck outside and it we had the first fall cool nip in the air and she saw another adult squirrel in the tree, she has been a totally different squirrel. Bouncing off the walls when out of her cage--running from the picture bay window to the back sliding doors just running back and forth. I'm taking her to a vet tomorrow to be tested and make sure she does not have diebetics. Other than that, has anyone else had a problem like this with their adult squirrel. We have had Lucy since she was 3 1/2 weeks old. She is our baby and we love her dearly. It's just hard seeing her waste away. Lucy went from 900 to 1000 grams to just 678 this morning. Very concern. Any infor. would be greatly appreciate.