Saturday, August 25, 2012

Longview, WA Celebrates Squirrels Today!

The town of Longview, WA is known for its fondness for squirrels. This statue occupies a prominent place in the town...

And the Nutty Narrows bridge, designed and erected years ago by a local businessman after he witnessed a squirrel being run over in the street, helps local squirrels cross a busy roadway in safety...

And today the town is holding its annual celebration in honor of its furry neighbors, Longview Squirrel Fest. This is an event that I truly wish I could attend, if it wasn't for the distance and lack of money! The annual celebration, started last year, offers a full daylong slate of fun activities, performances, food and drink, and demonstrations from vendors. And best of all, each year at Squirrel Fest a new squirrel bridge will be unveiled, all to make life safer and happier for the town's beloved squirrels.

And just in case anyone doubts whether the squirrels actually use the bridges, here's proof...


  1. Nice article on my town. :) Thought I'd let you know that we now have 3 squirrel bridges. 2 are definitely up and I believe the third is in the process of being put up.

  2. A wonderful idea☺️. There is hope for us yet. I would go but it is too far.