Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Squirrel Gardens of Japan

Amazingly, this is a real thing. According to a recent post on the gaming website, Japan has a number of squirrel gardens, or risu-en. These gardens are just what the name suggests: parks or zoos where people can go to be surrounded by squirrels. The most famous of these, Machida risu-en, is located in Tokyo. But there are several others in various locations throughout Japan.

 Different squirrel parks apparently specialize in different breeds of squirrels, with some featuring multiple species. Also, the parks differ in whether or not feeding and handling of the squirrels is encouraged. Some of the parks also have other small animals, but the squirrels are clearly the main attraction.

I'm guessing this is from one of the parks that doesn't
encourage feeding

Below are a few more photos from the story. The official website for the Machida risu-en squirrel park can be seen here. For some reason, I feel a sudden urge to plan a visit to Japan!


  1. The place name is Machida, not Michado. And the Machida Risu-en is a wonderful place. The squirrels are very friendly and you're allowed to hold and feed them there. It's the only squirrel garden I've been to (so far), but I highly recommend it.