Saturday, June 23, 2018

Return and Reboot

This blog has been inactive for a good two and a half years. I stopped posting not long after my rescued gray squirrel, Beebz, passed away unexpectedly, and I guess I just ran out of ideas of things to write about, but I have been thinking lately about how to refocus and restart. Once upon a time this site was a fun hobby and outlet for thoughts and opinions, and I think it could be so again.

Our rescued squirrel Beebz as a baby, 2010

Beebz, a little bit older

My plan is to focus on three general topics:

  • News items, both fun and serious, relating directly to squirrels.
  • Protesting the British gray/grey squirrel cull and the misinformation spread about grey squirrels by so-called British "conservation" groups that advocate killing greys.
  • Environmental news and information, especially about climate change, which is not directly related to squirrels but affects wildlife in general, including squirrels.

I have recently received an advance copy of an upcoming novel about squirrels which I will post a review of shortly. I am looking forward to reviewing other squirrel literature as well.

I hope this will all be fun and informative both for myself and anyone who happens to stumble across this blog.


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