Thursday, January 19, 2012

Squirrel Book Recommendation for Squirrel Appreciation Day

That's right, it's just two days away. If you need some inspiration on ways to make this a special day for you and your favorite rodent friends, here are some great ideas from the National Wildlife Federation.

One of their suggestions, which I definitely endorse, is to find a book on squirrels and learn more about them. In addition to the books that they recommend, I have recently been reading Squirrel Book by Eugene Kinkead. Mr. Kinkead wrote for the New Yorker magazine for several decades, where he specialized in stories related to wildlife and natural history. In the 1970s he wrote an article on the squirrels of Central Park, which proved so popular with squirrel lovers that he was inspired to write this book on the eastern gray squirrel, which was published in 1980. The book contains a wealth of factual information, but also reflects the author's own fondness for squirrels. Some of the most interesting sections are based on the author's correspondence with squirrel lovers who wrote to him after his original article was published, telling stories of their own encounters with squirrels.

You probably won't be able to find Squirrel Book at any of your local book stores, as it is no longer in print. You may be able to check out a copy at your local public library, which is where I found it. You can also order a used copy from Amazon at a very reasonable price.


  1. I just have ordered the book at amazon :-)))

  2. Thank you ver much for the reference of this book, it just arrived and I´m very happa about it :-)
    Greetings from Berlin