Saturday, January 21, 2012

Squirrel Facts: The Japenese Dwarf Flying Squirrel: Cuteness Overload!

First, Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day! I wasn't sure how to commemorate this special day. Here are some ideas of things to appreciate about our bushy-tailed friends.

Browsing through a list of world squirrels, I happened upon this little anime character Pokemon flying squirrel.

The momonga, or Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, lives in sub-alpine forests of Japan. It is nocturnal, spending days curled in a red and white ball holes in trees, and at night comes out to eat seeds, fruit, leaves, buds, and bark. Like other flying squirrels, it glides from tree to tree using a membrane stretched between its forelegs and hind legs.

The body is 14-20 cm long, and the tail 10-14 cm long. Wikipedia notes that the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is much smaller than the Japanese giant flying squirrel, and I thank them for this insight.

The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel is most notable for being scientifically proven to be the cutest thing in the universe. Here are a couple more photos to demonstrate this fact:

Look into my eyes. You are getting sleeeeeeepy. You are
now under my power.


  1. Love the acorn cap!

  2. Oh my goodness they are so cute! I think these are cuter than my sugar gliders.

  3. If everyone on earth owned a kitten and a Momonga and they got along, I think we could achieve world peace. :D They are... incredibly cute!

  4. I love those little squirrel!! OMG!! Its so cute!! Lol!! They are so cute I would love to have on. I would get one in a heart beat, if I could!! That's probably why I have six chinchillas!! <3 =D

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