Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gibbons Befriend a Baby Squirrel!

Interspecies relationships are always cute. And even more so when one of the species is a squirrel! Two gibbons at the Henry Vilas zoo, Richie and Moe, recently adopted a baby squirrel from a nest that was in their enclosure. The video below shows one of the gibbons, Richie, as he holds, grooms, and plays with the squirrel.

As the article notes, the gibbons had tried to adopt a baby squirrel last year, but gave it back to its mother when the fascination wore off. This time, after the gibbons played with their friend for a couple of days, the zoo staff stepped in and, to ensure their safety, took the whole litter of squirrels to a wildlife rehabilitation facility for relocation.

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  1. It´s better for squirrels to grow up without Monkeys ;-)