Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Longview Squirrel Bridge Ready To Go Up

I want to share some happy news today. One of my favorite towns, Longview Washington, will soon see its third squirrel bridge. The twelve foot long, 72 pound bridge will be installed today by the Sandbaggers, a local civic organization, on Nichols Boulevard.

The bridge was designed by John Dick, and is based on the Leonard Zakim Memorial Bridge in Boston, MA. After being declared the winner of the Sandbaggers' annual bridge design contest, it was built by employees of a Longview construction company, JH Kelley. Unfortunately, Mr. Dick did not live to see his design become reality.

The bridge builders show off their new creation

The town of Longview plans to construct a squirrel bridge every year in conjunction with its annual SquirrelFest celebration, which I have written about before on this blog. I will be looking for photos of the new bridge in place after installation, and hope to share them here soon.

Many thanks to the Sandbaggers and the people of Longview for caring so much for their squirrels. It would truly be wonderful if all communities had such compassion for squirrels and all other living creatures.

The first Nutty Narrows Bridge


  1. What a wonderful town Longview must be. When we visit Washington state this summer we will put your town on agenda. Such a change from Holley, NY and their Squirrel Slam.

  2. Wish we will see thousands of bridges in a decade in every state - for squirrels and also for other sentient beings that are so cruely crushed under four wheeled human behemoths.

  3. How much does it cost to install such b bridge?

  4. Hey! Nice story! I live in Longview, and we do love our squirrels over here! I guess in other areas people eat squirrels, but I can't imagine. Here we have elk for that. LOL (Not me! I don't eat red meat!)

    We just had our annual Squirrel Fest, and that's always a fun time, too.