Saturday, September 24, 2011

Squirrel Facts: A Victory for the Squirrels?

A planned housing development in Scotland may be put on hold because a red squirrel, which is endangered in the region, was found living on the site. The red squirrel's numbers have been declining in the British Isles for decades because of the introduction of the larger North American eastern gray squirrel. A survey of the development site, where fifteen homes are planned, found a single red squirrel, but the presence of several dreys indicate that there may be more of the squirrels present that were not seen.

The developer is planning to fight to carry on with his housing project. Some conservatives in the area are outraged that this "progress" could be halted by one small animal. But fortunately, there are also many who will fight for the squirrels. After all, their homes are already on this land, and it would be a tragedy if this species disappeared because they had nowhere left to go.

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