Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squirrell Facts: Feeding Squirrels

With Squirrel Awareness Month just two days away, many people must be thinking about feeding their squirrel friends. A couple of things to keep in mind when you are offering food to squirrels in the park, in your yard, or wherever you might find them:

Squirrels love peanuts. Most people know this. If you are going to offer peanuts or any other nutty snack, it is best to give unsalted nuts. Too much salt can be harmful to squirrels.

In warm weather, squirrels are most active in the two or three hours after sunrise, and the two hours before dusk. This is the best time to find squirrels for feeding.

If you want to try to feed a squirrel directly by hand, do so at your own risk. This is how almost all squirrel bites occur. Squirrels are not aggressive, but their eyes are located high and on the sides of the head, giving them a wide field of vision but not great vision directly in front of them. Also, they are constantly on the lookout for predators. So locating and taking food is mostly based on smell and touch. And a finger doesn't feel that much different from a shelled nut. So be careful!

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