Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

This is the Declaration of the Occupation of New York.

It is the statement of the protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement that started on September 17 in New York City, and is spreading across the country. It is an awesome popular uprising against the corporate greed and influence that is destroying our country. I am hopeful that a similar movement is developing in Charlotte as it has in many other cities following New York's example.

It is not surprising that the corporate "news" media is not giving this growing movement the coverage it deserves. I browsed three online news sources earlier this afternoon:,, and the British site Guess which one gave the most prominent place on its site to the Occupy Wall Street protests. Yep, it was BBC.

And even the "liberal" New York Times web site is showing its bias against this movement. Yesterday, when over 700 protesters were arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge, made a sudden and startling change in its lead sentence (see screenshot image below), shifting the blame for the arrests from the police to the protesters. For the record, there were many witnesses who reported that the police had led the protesters deliberately onto the bridge roadway and were planning ahead to carry out mass arrests.


  1. It is sad that the news is ignoring the protests across the country. I've been seeing more coverage of the events because of YouTube videos. The news is owned by corporations.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree, the corporate media is doing a poor job of covering the protests. There are a few individuals who I think are doing a good job: Rachel Maddow and Ed Schulz on MSNBC and Keith Olbermann on Current TV are all worth watching.