Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Squirrel Facts: The Rally Squirrel

I grew up a Texas Rangers fan, and until about ten years ago I would have been ecstatic to see the Rangers in their second consecutive World Series, and this time favored to win it all. However, I pretty much lost interest in baseball around the early 2000s, in the midst of the steroids era. And now, just as I'm starting to think about giving the game another chance and rooting for the Rangers, along comes the Rally Squirrel.

For those who do not follow baseball, the squirrel made its first appearance in game three of the National League Divisional Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Philadelphia Phillies, when it was seen running around in foul territory. Then, in the fifth inning of game four, the squirrel ran from the first base dugout area across home plate, just as a pitch was being thrown, and then into the stands. The squirrel seemed somehow to spark the St. Louis team and fans, and the Cardinals went on to win the divisional series, then the NL Championship series against Milwaukee, putting them into the World Series.

The St. Louis fans have embraced the "Rally Squirrel" and even have given it a name, Buschy, so called because the team plays in Busch Stadium.

After the game four appearance, Cardinals' management had there squirrel--actually the four squirrels that had taken up residence in the stadium--trapped and then released at a nearby wildlife preserve. There the Rally Squirrel will live a long life and one day tell its grandchildren how it helped the Cardinals go to the World Series.

I'll still pull for the Rangers, but I have to count myself a fan of Buschy, the Rally Squirrel!

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