Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bald Squirrel Stumps English Vets

This is Smoothie the bald squirrel:

Smoothie was found in a town in England called Amersham back in July 2008. He was completely bald except for a few tufts of hair on his tail. Veterinarians at St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital tried to determine why the squirrel was bald, despite his having no discernible physical illness or condition such as mange. While running their tests and trying to encourage his coat to grow, they have kept him warm and fed him on a diet of pecans, which doesn't sound like a bad life for a bald squirrel.

And by the way, yes, the name of that wildlife hospital really is St. Tiggywinkles. Despite the almost disturbingly silly name, it is the largest and busiest wildlife hospital in the world. It looks like they do wonderful work, and if you have the means and want to help them out, you can do so at their website.


  1. Dermatophytosis is caused by a fungus that attacks the shaft of the hair where it emerges from the skin. Since it attacks the hair and causes it to become brittle, the hair breaks off at the skin line and falls off leaving a bald area, but no obvious skin irritation. This condition is common in late Winter and early Spring. The treatment is nutritional support. It's usually not fatal and the squirrel will recover from it over time. Feeding squirrels chunks of raw coconut and raw coconut oil can help, because the Lauric Acid and Capric Acid in the raw coconut oil is anti-fungal.

  2. Hello ? A Diet of JUST PECANS ? ? IS HIS URINE RED ?
    Are you trying to "cure Him or kill Him" ?
    A Vet would know these things, are you really a Vet ?