Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh Local Produce!

Near the grocery store where my son works, in south Charlotte, there is a little produce stand called Providence Produce Market. It's in the parking lot of a convenience store/Shell station at the corner of Providence Road and Ballantyne Commons Parkway (or maybe the convenience store is in the produce stand's parking lot). They sell primarily locally grown produce with awesome quality and incredible prices. I stopped by this morning and picked up a couple of HUGE red bell peppers. These are probably almost twice the size that you usually see in the grocery stores for around $2.50, and here they were just 99 cents each.

Also, a special surprise treat, they had fresh locally grown figs for 99 cents per pound. For the two giant red bell peppers, two sweet yellow onions, five fresh figs, and three large cubanelle peppers, I paid a total of $5.37. You can't beat that with a stick!

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