Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Googlemaps Streetview of My High School

I was sitting here in Starbucks wasting time and checking out the Google Maps Street View image of my high school--Monterey High School, Lubbock TX--and... I don't know why it just strikes me as kind of weird that the Street View camera car went by there just as school was letting out and caught a bunch of kids standing around outside the building. It would have been funny if they had caught a group of stoners hanging out smoking in the alley across the street (just pan to the right two clicks and you'll see the alley I'm talking about).

My homeroom was just inside those doors and then up the stairs on the right to the second floor. The homeroom teacher's name was Mrs. Futch. She was a fundamentalist Christian, and one time she showed the class some movie about the rapture that was supposed to scare all of us who hadn't already done so into accepting Jesus as our savior (yes, this is a public school, but remember, it's a public school in TEXAS). This was in the early '80s, before those Left Behind books came out, but in the movie all of the Christians were raptured away, and the ones who were still there had to get this computer code tattooed on them, and then one of the characters figured out that the code really was computer language for "666".

That's about all I remember about the movie.

Oh yeah. Mrs. Futch taught Religious Studies.

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