Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jobs Protest!

Yesterday Karen and I took part in a protest demonstration organized by, at the office of Representative Sue Myrick (R, NC). The theme of the protest was "Jobs, Not Cuts." The protesters were not allowed to gather in the parking lot of Myrick's office, which is in an upscale neighborhood, across the street from Southpark Mall, so we lined the street with our signs to get the attention of passing traffic. Many of the people in the passing cars honked their approval and agreement with our messages. Myrick did not deem it worth the effort or time to address the demonstrators' concerns, despite a visit to her office by a representative of the protesters. And, sadly, despite numerous calls to the local TV stations, the media did not send anyone to cover the event. I guess the concerns and frustrations of the jobless are not considered worthy of their attention.

It felt good to get out and take part in an action like this. One of the best ways to deal with the depression of being jobless and feeling invisible is to do something to make your voice heard.

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