Friday, November 4, 2011

Boycott The Universoul Circus

This traveling circus will be in Charlotte later this month, from November 15-20. Like many other circuses, including Ringling Brothers, the Universoul Circus has a long history of abuse of the animals that are used in its acts.

As I have said before in this blog, I have mixed feelings about the work and philosophies of PETA. However, on the issues surrounding exploitation of animals in circuses and other entertainment businesses, I am in full, 100 percent agreement with them. Here is PETA's fact sheet concerning the Universoul Circus, which details a troubling record of abuse and terrible living conditions.

The video below, shot earlier this year, shows a tiger at the Universoul Circus with its paw caught under the door of its cage. You can see that not only is the tiger in terrible distress, but that the tigers at this circus live in terrible, cramped cages.

Please, if this circus or any other circus that uses animals comes to your town, do not patronize it. The animals in these shows live under terrible, abusive conditions that no creature should be forced to endure in the name of "entertainment."

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