Sunday, November 6, 2011

Letter to re: Squirrel Paw Necklace

The following is the letter that I sent to regarding the squirrel paw necklace that I wrote about in my last post:
I am writing to ask you to take action on listing #81478746 which is described as a "Lucky" squirrel paw necklace. I and many others find such a product made from a body part of a beautiful living creature to be deeply offensive. It is one thing to hunt or raise animals for use as food or clothing, and many people understandably oppose even this use. But to use the paws of an intelligent, sentient living creature for mere ornamentation, with no practical benefit whatsoever, is absolutely unacceptable, especially by a self-described "community of artists, creators, collectors, thinkers and doers."
Please take a close look at this listing and consider doing the right thing by removing it, and prohibit future such listings.
If you want to write to, again, the address is

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