Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sick Squirrel Paw Necklace For Sale On Etsy

I hate to post a revolting picture like this, but I think this needs to be seen:

This is a necklace currently being sold on the website, cynically described as a "Lucky Squirrel Paw Necklace." It is just as described, the actual paw of a real (formerly) live squirrel which, obviously, was not very lucky at all, mounted on a cord to be displayed around the neck of some lame artsy hipster wannabe.

I know we can argue day and night over the right or wrong of using animals for food or functional clothing, but I hope we can agree that killing intelligent, sentient animals for such a pointless, superficial display as this is not only unnecessary but flat out cruel. I am pretty sure that the squirrels that gave their lives for these ugly pieces of jewelry were not eaten--if I'm wrong then the seller should put a disclaimer on the listing that says so. In fact, there is not a word on how these paws were obtained.

If you want to take a look at the listing yourself, here it is.

Please sign a petition asking to remove this listing.

You can also write directly to at

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