Friday, March 23, 2012

Someone Is Poisoning Squirrels and Dogs In Chicago

While I'm on the subject of evil amoral jerks poisoning animals, it seems that some unknown person is indiscriminately setting out squirrel poison in a couple of neighborhoods in Chicago. So far four dogs have died in the Rogers Park and Edgewater neighborhoods. Nobody knows how many squirrels and other animals have been killed, but I'm sure its plenty. According to Chicago Now blogger Steve Dale, the intent of the unknown poisoner--whether to poison dogs, or squirrels, or just whatever happens to come along--is a mystery. What is not a mystery is that the person, whoever it might be, is an asshole and a coward.

Dale points out that Chicago does not have a squirrel overpopulation problem--that in fact, in many parts of the city the population of squirrels seems to have declined in recent years. I find the very idea that there is a product that exists specifically for the killing of squirrels to be disturbing and offensive. Even if there were a valid reason to poison squirrels--keep in mind that if you were killing squirrels for food, this stuff would render the squirrel inedible--how would one specifically target squirrels without risk to peoples' pets and other wildlife?

Here is a picture of the poison, which apparently acts as a powerful anticoagulant which causes the animal that ingests it to internally hemorrhage to death. Wherever you might be, if you see something like this outside in your neighborhood, keep pets and children away from it, report it to local authorities, and if you clean it up please use gloves for your safety.

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