Monday, March 19, 2012

Squirrels Eat 10,000 Tulips in Ontario Park

This winter, squirrels ate almost half of the 20,000 tulip bulbs in Jackson Park, Windsor, Ontario. The tulips are a popular local attraction, especially as a location for wedding parties. This winter, however, the weather was so mild that the squirrels were able to dig into the unfrozen ground and get to the bulbs.


According to the article the problem was exacerbated by a lack of nut trees in the park, which drove the squirrels to seek alternative food sources. Now the city will have to pay to replace the lost tulip bulbs, and brides hoping to have their photos taken with the tulips as a backdrop this spring will be disappointed.

The solution is clear: from now on, to save the tulip display, at the beginning of each winter the city of Windsor should coat the grounds surrounding the tulip gardens with a nice thick layer of mixed nuts.


  1. Wow: There's a Blogspot blog for every niche! I've linked to you from my blog. But, as a conservative blogger, I have great disdain for your pro-squirrel policies. OH MY GOD! WON'T ANYBODY THINK OF The raccoons! They're so cute: they look like little robbers. While your awful squirrels are dining on tulip the poor raccoon is rummaging through garbage...Won't anybody help them?

  2. *lol* I like this clever squirels :-)
    They are small gourmets.

  3. David, the squirrels only ate less than half of the tulip bulbs. Your racoons are more than welcome to dig in. Free tulips for all!

  4. Our red european squirrels does´nt like tulips.