Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Squirrels Resued in Boston

Maintenance personnel were changing window air conditioning on a building in Boston, MA on Monday when they discovered that a mother squirrel was caring for two babies in a nest on top of one of the units. The nest was inside a plastic wedge that someone had placed on top of one  of the air conditioners, apparently to keep birds off of the unit.

One of the baby squirrels
The building maintenance personnel called a local animal rescue service, which sent technicians out to move the squirrels. Mike Brammer, one of the animal rescuers, moved the wedge to the base of a nearby tree, and got the attention of the highly agitated mother squirrels by picking up one of the babies. The mother squirrel took it from there, racing over and carrying the babies to a new nest in an undisclosed location.

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