Sunday, April 1, 2012

New York Town Celebrates Art... and Squirrels!

The city of Olean, in southwestern New York, has an unusual public art installation. Throughout the city, four foot tall fiberglass squirrels painted by various, mostly local, artists adorn the sidewalks and other public spaces. Each squirrel has been sponsored by a local business, organization, or individual, for the purpose of promoting the arts and raising funds for a children's learning museum.

Blue Poplar
Sir Pennywise

Some of the squirrels reflect their settings or the businesses that sponsored them, such as "Sir Pennywise" (above), "Cutter" (below) and the unfortunately included "Ronald McSquirrel" (not pictured). Others, such as "Blue Poplar" and "Starry Night" (below) are more artistically adorned.

Starry Night


The newest, and apparently final, squirrel, unveiled yesterday, honors the city's emergency medical response teams. He is named "inVINCEable" after Vince Houghtaling, a nine year old boy whose life was saved by emergency personnel.

inVINCEable and Vince

Nutty Ol' St. Nick

Life's Images

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