Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Squirrel Week!

In addition to being Easter, there is an extra reason to celebrate today: the beginning of Squirrel Week.

The Washington Post columnist John Kelly created the observance last year after an article he wrote on squirrels received an unusually large number of responses. This year, today through April 14, Squirrel Week will feature daily columns on squirrels, reader-submitted squirrel photos, and a gallery featuring the reasons why people love (or hate) the bushy-tailed rodents.

The first column of the week is about white squirrels, and features the squirrels of Olney, IL and Brevard, NC, the latter of which I have written about in this blog.

One of the famous white squirrels
of Brevard, NC

Cheers to John Kelly and the Washington Post for devoting a well-deserved special week to the squirrels! Squirrel Nation will be following closely this week.

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