Friday, April 6, 2012

On Beebz' Bookshelf: Norbert and the Elusive Acorns by Peter Martz

Norbert and the Elusive Acorns is a children's ebook for ages 3-5 by author, musician, and illustrator Peter Martz. It is the delightfully illustrated tale of Norbert, a squirrel who loves his acorns. Finding his supply depleted, Norbert embarks on a journey in search of a new acorn supply. Along the way, he encounters frustrations and setbacks. But ever determined, positive, clever, and resourceful, the little squirrel stays focused, overcomes obstacles, and remains committed to his goal.

Everything about this book is appealing. The pictures are cute and colorful. The main character is thoroughly likable, and his intelligence, resourcefulness, and determination shows that the author understands and appreciates the nature and personality of real squirrels. I believe this is a real benefit because children who read this book will easily be able to identify Norbert with the wild squirrels that they see in their own backyards and neighborhood parks.

The story is told in rhyming verse, and again, I think this is perfectly executed. The vocabulary and concepts are simple enough to be easily understood by children in the 3-7 year age group, with vivid descriptions accompanying the pictures, and an interesting plot that moves along quickly.

This is just the kind of book that I would have loved to get for my son when he was a child. I highly recommend that you follow the link below to get this ebook on Kindle from Amazon. You can also visit the author's website at, where you can find coloring and activity pages, sign up for a newsletter, and read the author's blog.

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