Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a thought regarding the death of a white supremacist in Texas

As I type this, Mark Stroman is scheduled to be executed in the Texas death chamber in two minutes for a 2001 killing spree against people he believed were of Middle Eastern descent. I am categorically opposed to the death penalty, and, rather than explain the reasons why, I want to ask anyone who sees this to read something written by Mr. Stroman's surviving victim, a Bangladeshi immigrant named Rais Bhuiyan. Mr. Bhuiyan survived a gunshot would to the face, was left blind in one eye, and has petitioned the Texas appeals board to commute Stroman's death sentence. A devout Muslim, he speaks in a spirit of forgiveness, peace and compassion that we should all learn from and try to emulate, regardless of what faith or set of beliefs we follow.

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