Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So this is what you get for following instructions and doing your job?

I had a feeling that it would come to this. Juror number twelve has left Florida and is in hiding, with more likely to follow her, especially if their names are made public. This is what happens when the media selectively hypes up whichever case that is deemed most lurid and fans the flames of public outrage with wall-to-wall coverage of every grisly detail.

Nancy Grace, a former attorney who should understand the judicial system, nevertheless declared this woman guilty before her trial even began. If any of the jurors, or Ms. Anthony herself, is gunned down by some self-appointed vigilante, I believe Nancy Grace and the producers of the trial coverage at CNN Headline News will share responsibility for helping create the atmosphere of hysteria that surrounds this case.

I also believe that if Ms. Grace feels any sense of public responsibility, she should go on TV now and ask her fans not to commit any acts of violence or harassment against anyone related to this trial. It would only be the decent thing to do.


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