Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Russel Brand on Amy Winehouse

I have felt for some time now that Russel Brand is one of the most intelligent and--more importantly--most honest and "real" celebrities out there. This tribute to Amy Winehouse only strengthens this opinion. I have seldom read anything more moving or insightful, and I think it is a fitting memorial not only to Ms. Winehouse but to so many other casualties of addiction, whether famous or not.

I personally am not familiar with Amy Winehouse's music. I, like many others, knew of her mostly from reading the accounts of her long and painful decline. Having heard a little bit of her work since her death, I feel sadly that I missed out on something very special and important. Of course I realize I can still listen to her but I will probably wait a while before I think about getting any of her CDs (I guess she only completed two albums in her short career). This may be irrational, but I get a sort of ghoulish and somewhat phony feeling to think about becoming a fan of an artist just after her death.


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