Sunday, July 10, 2011

The thing is

I really do feel a sense of emptiness when I think about the ten months and counting since I lost my job. There are people all around me contributing, taking care of their families, paying their bills, living normal lives. And here I am applying for jobs, sending out resumes that disappear into some black hole never to be heard from again. And some days, like today, I get so angry that I can't stand to think about it, but then later on I have to wonder if it really is just something wrong with me? I worked for over twelve years for the same company before I went in to work last August 13 and left less than an hour later with no job. A stable work history, a job lost by no fault of my own, classes taken during my period of unemployment to increase my skills, and it all counts for nothing. And then, by the prevailing logic in this country, if I suggest that maybe the government ought to do something to improve the situation, then I am a lazy freeloading socialist who wants to take the hard-earned money of others by raising taxes. Whatever. I just want to be able to feel a sense of security for my family, to be able to feel some semblance of self-worth, and to live in a society that places some value on shared responsibility and common interest.


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