Sunday, July 10, 2011

There Are 14 Million of Us, We Are Not Invisible and We Will MAKE You Look At Us!

This article from the NY Times hit me like a sledgehammer between the eyes this morning. I am literally shaking with anger as I write this.

14 Million Unemployed.

And, the Times says, we are invisible. The politicians don't see us. The Tea Party doesn't see us. The middle class doesn't see us. And the wealthy and the corporations damn sure won't look at us.

14 Million.

They've managed to disperse us, to discourage us, to make us feel ashamed, to convince us that it's our fault. They have told us that if we demand our rights to a decent job at decent pay that we are socialists, as if there is any shame in that. They have sold us on the lie that if we just give more to the privileged, that it will trickle down to us, as if we are no better than dogs under the table of the rich begging for scraps.

14 MILLION. I am one of those 14 million, and I've been as guilty as anyone of complacency.

Why are we not out in the streets? Why are we not marching on Washington? Why are we not getting in their faces and demanding--DEMANDING--that they see us?

14 Million.

Thank you NY Times for printing this article and waking my ass up. Maybe if more of us would wake up something just might change.

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