Squirrel Species Profiles

Species marked with an *asterisk are endangered or threatened

Shrew-Faced Squirrel (Southeast Asia)

*San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel (North America)

Cream-Colored Giant Squirrel (Asia)

African Pygmy Squirrel (Africa)

Uinta Ground Squirrel (North America)

Barbary Ground Squirrel (Africa)

*Grizzled Giant Squirrel (South Asia)

*European Ground Squirrel (Europe)

Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel (North America)

Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel (North America)

American Red Squirrel (North America)

*Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (North America)

Alpine Marmot (Europe)

Variegated Squirrel (Central America)

Richardson's Ground Squirrel (North America)

The Himalayan Marmot (Asia)

Belding's Ground Squirrel (North America)

Columbian Ground Squirrel (North America)

*Woolly Flying Squirrel (Asia)

Prevost's Squirrel (Asia)

Indian Giant Squirrel (Asia)

Least Chipmunk (North America)

Smith's Bush Squirrel (Africa)

Kaibab Squirrel (North America)

Eastern Chipmunk (North America)

*Delmarva Fox Squirrel (North America)

Red-Tailed Squirrel (Central and South America)

*Mount Graham Red Squirrel (North America)

*Vancouver Island Marmot (North America)

*San Bernardino Flying Squirrel (North America)

Siberian Flying Squirrel (Asia)

Rock Squirrel (North America)

Mexican Ground Squirrel (North America)

Groundhog (North America)

Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel (Asia)

Texas Antelope Squirrel (North America)

Arctic Ground Squirrel (North America and Asia)

Protosciurus (prehistoric squirrel, North America)

Indian Palm Squirrel (Asia)

Cape Ground Squirrel (Africa)

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog (North America)

Ground Squirrels (All over the world)

Eurasian Red Squirrel (Europe and Asia)


  1. what about the breeds that live in brazil?

  2. I don't know if they have any

  3. Uncle burt had 4 males ans obe female in a cage. When i was 7 years old.